About the Authors


imprintlogoGalloping Turtle Books  was established in 2012 to provide interactive eBooks on animals and nature for children. Animal sounds, slide shows and pop-ups have been included to provide additional information. There is also an interactive index, links to the internet and the ability to enlarge any photo by spreading your fingers on the screen. Dwight Kuhn and his sons David and Brian are working closely together to produce these books.

Dwight was trained as a biologist and taught school for eighteen years. His interest in photography and nature led him to be the sole photographer for 167 nature books for children. His work has appeared in more than 60 photo essays featured in major magazines such as: Audubon, Natural History, GEO, Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Wildlife, and Ranger Rick. Now Dwight is sharing his photographs, design skills and writing to make interactive nature books available for your child.

David has always had a big interest in animals and nature. He grew up helping his father with photography projects and in 2005 started seriously taking his own photographs.  Many of his photographs have appeared in Dwight’s printed books and now in the eBooks. As a father he is interested in providing young children with books that satisfy their curiosity. David has his Ph.D in environmental engineering and reviews all the books for accuracy.

Brian is our tech guy. For years he has helped his father convert slides to digital form. Now he is responsible for the difficult task of programming our interactive books as well a helping with photographic preparation, layout design and text.  His background in business is very helpful too.

Kathy is our school and librarian expert. She taught second grade students for 33 years and is now a teaching librarian for an elementary school. Kathy is our resource for book reading levels and core curriculum standards.  She also inspires us with new ideas and directions for the Galloping Turtle Books.